Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Swimming Season

We had the official kick-off to swimming season today. I decided it was time last night when I realized the water coming out of the hose felt refreshingly cool.

This morning I was skeptical when the thermometer only registered 70 degrees. The forecast called for mid-to-high 80's today, so despite the clouds and wind we packed up our beach gear. By the time we arrived at the Q'emlin beach, it was hot enough to swim. Well, hot enough for the kids anyway. I ventured out to above my knees, but didn't take the plunge. I didn't want to leave Munchkin on the shore alone and he wasn't interested in going deeper than his waist.

I seemed to be the only adult wearing swimwear. The rest of the parents stayed in the shade, content to watch their older kids frolic in the water. My nephew joined right in and barely left the water to eat his lunch. I had a hard time pulling Munchkin away from his make-shift yogurt container "bucket" when it was time to leave. I don't blame him. By the time we were leaving I was hot again and wished I had dived in.

Sitting at home observing the hot, humid and oddly still afternoon makes want to go back to the beach. With a good two months of swimming time left, I know there will be more days to spend at the beach. Some days might just be worth a second trip.

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