Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Phone Update

Thanks to an anonymous comment on my previous post, I was inspired to call the Idaho Public Utilities Commission in regards to our wait for phone service.

Although the cold conversation with the commission rep left me hoping I would never have need to call again, it may have worked. I finally got a call from a local Verizon employee today. She assured me a month wait for service in new construction is the norm, however was able to bump me up on the list. Fingers crossed, we should have phone service by this time tomorrow.

Side note: While we still won't be in the service area for Verizon DSL, a rep at the 800-number was set to sell DD on dial-up when he called looking for answers about our phone connection. She failed to understand how we couldn't possibly be interested in dial-up when we lack the phone line to connect with.

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Mommy Dearest said...

When I get to one of those automated voice systems, I always push the button for business customers. You get better service than plain ol' regular people. I just play dumb and act like I didn't push the wrong number on purpose.