Sunday, May 6, 2007

Little Sponge

Even as I am typing this, Munchkin is practicing his new skill. Saturday morning, DD and I were finishing breakfast while Munchkin was playing with his toys. Out of no where Munchkin started counting his cars, "One, two, three, four, five." Just like that. We had no prior indication he knew how to count. The rest of the weekend he's been popping out the numbers every chance he gets right up to 10.

It made me realize just how amazing it is how a child's mind develops. We make a point of counting and saying the alphabet for Munchkin, but we certainly haven't pushed it. He just absorbs information up like a little sponge. It was the same way with colors. One day he just knew them. He likes to wait until he thinks we aren't paying attention, then he says his new words out loud to try them out. Then he'll use them for us and get a little smirk, proud of his new ability.

I wonder what he'll do tomorrow.

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