Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Review: GW Hunters

In the style of Making Flippy Floppy, I'm going to jump on the blog review band wagon. I find the local reviews at Making Flippy Floppy useful, so I'll throw in my two cents.

We had a house showing this morning, so we cleared out and headed for breakfast. That's one of the benefits/downsides to selling the house; we tend to eat out a lot so the house doesn't get messed up.

Despite being five-year residents of Post Falls, we have only eaten at GW Hunters (615 Spokane St.) once before. We chose the wild game restaurant today just to try something new. I also hoped to get in on their advertised deal - a full breakfast for under $4. Too bad the special is from 6-9 a.m. Our 10 o'clock arrival didn't fit the bill.

Special or no special, breakfast was still a deal. For a total of $16.33 (w/tax), we had a Belgian waffle, the Bacon and Eggs plate (3 large slices of bacon, 2 scrambled eggs, fried potatoes and a piece of Texas toast), the kids French toast (two full slices and a cup of milk) and two coffees. I can't remember ever going out to breakfast and not being able to finish everything, but I took home a doggie bag this time. The French toast was the best I could ever remember having at a restaurant. Not many restaurants serve their syrup hot anymore, but at GW's you get maple and boysenberry syrup hot. The eggs and potatoes were obviously cooked fresh to order and our server came by with the coffee pot frequently enough that the cup was never empty.

You do have to be able to stomach staring at real stuffed animals while you eat. I have no problem with it, especially when they provide entertainment for The Munchkin's two-year old mind. The raccoon and skunk were particularly fascinating to him. I enjoyed the wolf who appeared to be drooling over our heads.

It appeared a few regulars were in for their morning meal, a good sign for any business. It's not often you get to sit at a table next to a Santa look-a-like. The kids in the place didn't seem to find it odd that Santa eats at GW's during the off season. I guess it's not odd, given how good the food is. He's got to keep his "bowl full of jelly" somehow.

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