Monday, September 24, 2007

The Bzz: Listerine Whitening

When I approached DD with the clear, paper-thin sheet that is a Listerine Whitening strip, he backed up and gave me a bit of a horrified look. It might have been better if I warned him before trying to stick the teeth whitening strip in his mouth, but I was excited to see how they work. I also didn't want to be the guinea pig who tried them first.

As soon as I saw how the strips go on and that they weren't harming DD, I stuck a couple whitening strips on my own teeth. Right off I'll admit I didn't thoroughly read the directions and it took a couple of times before I realized you are supposed to place the strip on the back of the teeth first, then the front.

Once the strips on on your teeth, they are easy to smooth out with your tongue. The Listerine Whitening strips claim to be "quick dissolving." I can't compare to other strips because I've never used any other whitening products, but I guess the 5-10 minutes it takes the Listerine strips dissolve is quick in the industry. During the dissolving time, the strips don't feel bulky or awkward. They conform to your teeth so well, you almost forget they're there.

After the promised 5-10 minutes, the strips were dissolved. I was left with a Listerine-fresh mouth and teeth that I could tell were a hint whiter than before. As promised by the package, there was no messy gel and no rinsing needed. The first time, I noticed that some of the whitening concoction had gathered between my teeth and bleached it more than the rest. The next times I made sure to floss immediately after the strips were gone. DD didn't have this problem, so I guess it depends on your teeth.

Overall the strips hold up to their claim of being easy to use and effective. Once again the good folks back at the Hive have sent me a plethora of free samples the Listerine Whitening strips to try and review.
Thank you to everyone who entered the Listerine Whitening strips giveaway. The winner is... AshleyR! Congratulations!


Carrie said...

I tried the Crest 7 day whitestrips last Christmas - really enjoyed the difference they made. I am a daily sweet drinker so frequently I with for whitter teeth. I was curious how expensive this product is (a $3 coupon seems high)I of course would love to win this drawing - my e-mail is

MyBlgoContest said...

Great blog contest!!

kelly said...

I have tried other teeth whitening systems. Putting gel on your teeth and then putting a mouth piece in your mouth and holding it there for 15 minutes without speaking is not my idea of easy. I tried it once and hated it and now the kit sits in my medicine cabinet collecting dust. I hate to throw it away because it cost so much but I know I will never use it again. So it will probably sit there until I find a replacement system.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to try these out. Count me in!

Lesha said...

Great! :)

LilacButterfly [at]

Karol Krizka said...

Haha good post. My girlfriend keeps telling me to buy those.

AshleyR said...

I would love to try these out. enter me Please!!