Monday, August 13, 2007

The Good Life

This weekend we were invited to join our friends at their condo in Hope. As I was floating on Lake Pend Oreille, DD was tubing with the guys and Munchkin was playing in the water with his friends. I was enjoy the sun, the water and the mountain views. It made me realize life is good.

Of all the problems in the world and all the issues people deal with, we are fortunate to have relatively small problems. We complain because our new grass has weeds. Or Munchkin is grumpy because he didn't take a nap. Our neighbor's dog barks on occasion and I have to take the car to Les Schwab because it's handled strangely since I had the tires rotated. That's it. That's the worse I can come up with at the moment.

The few minutes of quite, relaxing bliss while floating on the water and taking in the view, reminded me to be grateful for what we have. We have a nice house and cars that are reliable. We are healthy (nothing short of a miracle in Munchkin's case). We don't worry about having what we need and are fortunate to also get a lot of what we want. We have good friends and loving families. The particular friends (and their extended family) who invited us to Hope, even consider us like family (the feeling is mutual). Some people don't even have family, but we basically have three.

I'm grateful and thankful for what we have. It's easy to get caught up in the rush of summer and forget to "stop and smell the roses." I'm glad I had the opportunity to stop for a minute. Even happier to have such a beautiful place to have it happen.


Whitney said...

Found your blog from a comment you left on my sister's blog. I like your style of writing. I, too, was at the river this weekend and had very similar thoughts. Kids playing in the water, husband sitting next to me in a chair and I was sitting, eyes closed listening to the kids splash around and thinking, "this is the life. I don't want to move from here, right now, this moment, forever."

Have a great evening.

Shinie said...

Exactly! You nailed it! I'm glad you enjoy my blog. I checked out your cooking blog and will definitely be stealing some recipes. Thanks!