Friday, August 10, 2007

Big Boy Bed

Munchkin has finally graduated to a big boy bed. I headed advice from experienced moms and kept Munchkin in his crib until he could climb out. Well, in this case until he could bounce high enough on the mattress that I thought he would launch himself out.

I searched Craiglist and visited a few furniture stores before settling on a used captains bed with a bookcase headboard. We decided it was best not to invest a lot in a wood headboard and foot board that is likely to be abused during the next few years. We did purchase a new mattress. That purchase required two trips to Costco, only to discover they did not get the delivery when they said they would. It also involved an encounter with a less than friendly saleswoman a few minutes before closing at a local mattress store. We finally ended up with a Simmons mattress from the store next to Black Sheep. The salesman there was helpful, friendly, efficient and gave me a good deal.

I was afraid Munchkin wouldn't like the change from his crib to a big bed, but it didn't phase him. In fact, he kind of gave us a strange look when we left his crib up the first night. The second night went just as smooth and nap times have been easy. Munchkin has proudly showed off his bed to his cousin and grandpa. He also finds it quite novel that Mom and Dad can lay with him on his bed now.

I thought I might be more emotional about our baby reaching this milestone. Instead, I see the benefits of the change. Munchkin seems more comfortable in his new bed. He also told me the "bad zebra" that causes his recent bad dreams was leaving with the crib. I was a bit sentimental about packing away the crib. Munchkin was the fifth baby to use the crib. It was first purchased by my parents for my sister over 30 years ago. I used it as a baby, then my nephew and niece used it before Munchkin. It's laden with bite marks (mostly from me) and is a bit creaky, but meets the current safety standards for cribs. Maybe someday Munchkin's offspring will sleep safe and sound in it.

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