Thursday, June 21, 2007

Night Out

I met up with the Mommy and Me group for a night out at Color Me Mine in Spokane. I tried out my painting skills on a ceramic pasta serving dish. It's something I've always wanted to try and had a blast doing. I get my fired piece back next week and can't wait to see it.

Being in downtown Spokane on a summer night brought back a lot of memories. Growing up, Spokane was the special outing destination. It was the place we went to go Christmas shopping, play miniature golf or go out for a special dinner. We had to drive to Spokane just to go to the mall or Costco. When DD and I were first dating (13 years ago), we celebrated our six month "anniversary" with an dinner date in Spokane. It was a big deal for us, since we were still high schoolers and DD had just gotten his driver's license. We got our parents' permission to drive as far as the Pines exit for a romantic dinner at the Old Country Buffet. It was a fun, exciting adventure for us to go to Spokane by ourselves.

Later we would hit River Park Square for movies at the AMC theater. It was the first theater we went to that had stadium seating. We would wait for an hour to eat at Olive Garden. It seemed like such a treat.

Now that Coeur d'Alene has the restaurants and stores we frequent, we don't find reasons to make the drive to Spokane very often. I realized tonight that I miss it and it's worth the extra time and distance to make everyday events seem special again.

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