Monday, June 18, 2007

The Bzz: Coppertone sunblock

I'm Bzzing again. This time the good people back at the Hive sent me two containers of Coppertone spray sunblock to try. I was truly excited about this campaign because I was out of sunblock and it seemed like an easy solution to coating Munchkin with sunblock each day.

Here's the breakdown.

Coppertone Kids Quick Cover Lotion Spray

SPF 50, waterproof

Pros: Quickly covers by spraying the lotion. You still rub the lotion in, so you can feel if there is even coverage. The kids think it's fun and cool to use the spray. So far we haven't had any burns using the spray.

Cons: Once you rub the lotion in, it's hard to press the button with slippery hands. The "sprays at any angle" claim on the label doesn't hold up to testing.

Final Decision: I like the kids spray because it really does make it faster to get them ready for the sun.

Coppertone Sport Continuous Spray

SPF 30, waterproof and ultra sweat-proof

Pros: Fast, easy coverage. Great for baldies or thin hair. No sunburns so far.

Cons: Smells like mosquito repellent going on. Leaves a shiny glean to the skin. Feels oily on. Over spray ends up on floor or surrounding people. Bottle doesn't seem to go as far as equivalent amount of lotion.

Final Decision: I won't be buying the Sport edition for myself.

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