Sunday, April 15, 2007

Vacation Yearnings

Our week on the Oregon Coast was really enjoyable. We had excellent weather for the area and time of year. The highs were in the 50's and 60's (one day it was 70) with no wind. It's almost unheard of not to have wind at the Coast. We put in enough time with wind at home on the prairie that it was a really nice break.

I'm homesick for vacation already. I do a lot of planning and organizing to make sure our vacations go off without a hitch. We also make a point of doing a lot of relaxing and napping so we don't get burned out during trips. Besides, we just really like traveling.

This year vacation had a different dynamic. We sold our house just prior to the start of our trip. That meant there was a lot of emails, phone calls and faxes between us and our realtor while we were away. I became familiar with the Newport, Ore., library for printing off forms and the local Staples for sending faxes. I'm glad we sold our house, but working during vacation takes something away from the care-free feeling you should have.

Another way vacation was different this year is because it marked a change in our lives. We left Post Falls with a spotless house in preparation for more showings and an inspection. When we returned, we realized that for the first time in seven months we didn't have to keep the house "showing ready" anymore. It felt like we were given our lives back. I could once again leave the house on a whim without doing dishes, cleaning toilets or picking up toys in case of a last-minute showing. We discovered we had a lot more free time.

Most of that free time is now taken up by packing and preparing for moving in less than a week. We still are stuck in a vacation mind set, yearning to have a fun family weekend routine (something that went by the wayside when the for sale sign went up). Each Saturday brings comments like, "Let's go the the (Portland) Saturday Market, then get some dim sum for lunch," or "I bet there's a good sushi bar by the Saturday Market." Munchkin thinks he sees lighthouses all over town and repeatedly asks to go to one. I'm having withdrawals from my daily cup of clam chowder or two.

I know once we move and have yard work and decorating to do, we'll get new routines started. Until then, we'll be dreaming about our return to the Coast. As DD says, we can go back. Next year.

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