Friday, March 9, 2007

Review: Donut House II

True to it's name, the Donut House occupies a former house on a Post Falls side street. The house has been renovated to include a sitting area, counter display and kitchen. Conveniently located behind the White House, off of Spokane Street, the Donut House is worth a stop.

The glass front donut display featured about ten types of glazed, sugar coated, frosted or plain donuts. A sign stated there were too many offerings to put everyone in the case. Unseen varieties were more than likely available by request. We sampled maple bars and a cinnamon sugar twist. The fried donuts were much lighter and the dough softer than your typical grocery store variety. The toppings are what really set these donuts apart. The maple glaze was well set, not dripping off the sides. The maple flavor good and not overly sugary. The cinnamon twist had a strong cinnamon flavor, again not too much sugar. The donuts were truly delicious without being sickeningly sweet. Prices started at $.50 for an unglazed plain donut.

Coffee is self serve with real cream and sugar. Bagels and bagel breakfast sandwiches are also on the menu.

Cost: Three donuts and two cups of coffee, $4.07 with tax.

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