Sunday, March 25, 2007

Better than Christmas

Don't get me wrong. I like Christmas. Are there many people who don't?

What I like better than Christmas is vacation, especially our annual trip to the Oregon Coast. I think it is because I have more control over vacations. I get to choose where we stay and what we do (DD gets a little say). And vacations last longer. Instead of one day, we get a whole week to enjoy.

I've got this year's trip mapped out. A day of driving to Portland. One night stay in the city, with stops at the Saturday market, the House of Louie for dim sum, Uwajimaya, and the hobby store (DD's choice). Then we'll head out through Tillamook for ice cream, cheese curds and pepperoni sticks. A couple hours down the coast and we'll reach our destination.

Each year we rent a vacation house with our friends. We check out houses and reserve them through the Internet. This year's house promises to be oceanfront with sandy beaches. There should be lots of room to spread out and we'll be within walking distance of a lighthouse and bay front attractions. It's always a bit of a risk and we never know exactly what we are walking into, but I think this year will be the best yet.

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