Monday, November 19, 2007

Daycare Search

Munchkin has been anxious to start school ever since his cousins went back to school this fall. He routinely asks me to take him to school (the closest elementary location) and leave him. He also asks me to take him to his friends' houses, his grandparents and the mall (Drop in & Play) so I can leave him. Yesterday he even told me I could go "goodbye" and he'd stay home by himself.

I guess it's time to face the fact that Munchkin is growing up and wants time away from mom to become more independent. It's also about time for me to have alone time to focus on two different work projects that I've accepted.

So, the search for daycares has begun. I didn't think it would be hard to find a place that I felt comfortable taking Munchkin. I was wrong. I think part of my problem is I have so many "wants" out of a daycare. I only need two days a week. Most places require at least three. I would like somewhere that provides meals. I don't want the extra stress of making sure I get a lunch packed before rushing out the door. Also, I want a preschool program in a school-like setting. This rules out most in-home daycares since I want someplace with a lot of kids for social interaction. Finally, it has to be in Post Falls. I want a convenient location for drop off and pick up for when I'm traveling around the area and working from home.

I've called just about every number in the book for Post Falls. Apparently there's a boom in three-year-olds at the moment and not a lot of openings. What makes it really difficult is the lack of regulations and rules for daycares in Idaho. I ask all the questions about background checks, fingerprinting and teacher certifications, but it would be nice to have state feedback. Or even user feedback about daycares. It's hard to tell whether or not it's a good or bad thing that a Google search doesn't bring up much about a daycare. I would feel more secure with another parent giving a location a good review before I picked one.

Maybe some of you readers have recommendations or "stay away" warnings about daycares in Post Falls. If so, I'd appreciate a comment or email. Thank you!

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