Friday, October 26, 2007

A New Rod Stewart Fan

Something happened today I that I never thought was possible. DD has become a Rod Stewart fan. It has nothing to with Rod's Billboard topping hits or his stylin' hair. It's all about the fact that Rod is a avid Model Railroader.

Yes, I'm revealing a bit of DD's nerdy side. He's a huge model railroad buff. Right now he's itching to finish the basement so he can unpack his boxes of layout supplies. Today the mailman delivered DD's favorite magazine: Model Railroader. On the cover is a shot of Rod's amazing HO scale layout. Inside is an extensive story and pictures. DD's been oohing and aahing over the detailed skyscrapers and labyrinth track system of Rod's layout. I questioned whether or not it was all done by the rock star himself. Apparently all the detail work is, but at least the wiring was done by professionals. Ah. The burden of being a rich celebrity with a hobby.

DD's been known to hunt down railroaders published in the magazine to get a peek of their layouts while we're vacationing in their hometowns. Maybe a trip to Beverly Hills is our future.


Brian and Linda Holbrook said...

I must say I know nothing about model railroads, but Rod Stewart was the first concert I ever went to!!! I was 8 and it was totally rad.

Idaho Escapee said...

I don't know why I never asked for an electric train for Christmas. I've never had one. In a way, I've always wanted one. I think that desire was pushed aside when I got my first record player. I wouldn't have had time for the electric train, anyway. And I still play records. Lots of them.

JBelle said...

heeeeey, I will drop by daveo's office today with an envelope with your name on it. Thanks for playing. I laughed and laughed.