Monday, June 11, 2007

Cinnamon Roll Heaven

I'm coming down from a cinnamon roll sugar high. Thanks to a friend, I indulged in a delicious cinnamon raisin roll from Wheat Montana. This particular roll came straight from the source in Three Forks, Mont., brought by friend's mom during her recent visit.

I knew the treat was coming, but had forgotten about it until said friend knocked on my door this afternoon. The two giant sized rolls didn't stay in their Ziploc bag for long. I grabbed a fork and started dishing out bites for Munchkin and myself. I had forgotten how wonderful the rolls are.

Unlike the ooey-gooey mall cinnamon rolls around here, Wheat Montana's rolls are more bread, less filling. It's what I imagine the perfect made at home cinnamon roll would be. The baked dough comes out soft and chewy. The bread layers are in perfect proportion to the amount of filling with raisins sprinkled throughout. The cinnamon taste comes through without being too strong. And the whole thing is topped off with just a drizzle of sugar glaze. No dripping, gooey mess. No doughy center. Just perfection.

It's just enough to jump start my cinnamon roll addiction.

1 comment:

Leisy Family said...

I Hate you!!! I want one of those! I think my mouth is watering just from the picture, it looks so good. Thanks a lot now I am going to have to make some!! Yummy!