Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Review: Sahara Pizza

Sahara Pizza is a relative newcomer to the Post Falls area, although they have managed to survive in the pizza market for about two years. We had sampled a slice or two at Post Falls Days in past years, but never ordered from the restaurant.

This last Saturday night found us tired, hungry and wanting something hot and close. DD chose pizza (he always does), so we gave Sahara a call. I was unimpressed with the employee who answered the phone. She was polite, but had a complete lack of enthusiasm and seemed unsure about the menu. I ordered two medium one topping pizzas (on special for $7.99 each) and bread sticks.

We decided to forgo the $1.50 delivery charge and drive the mile-and-a-half round trip ourselves. DD claims this earned him dirty looks from the idle delivery drivers when he arrived for the carryout.

The pizzas were ready on time and arrived home hot. I was disappointed with the lack of real toppings on my favorite, cheese with fresh tomatoes. The amount of chopped tomato couldn't have been more than a quarter of a tomato, although it was one of the best flavored tomatoes I've had recently. DD said the pepperoni was equally as sparse. We both agreed the sauce had something odd about it and I kept detecting the taste of green peppers in the overly acidic, overcooked sauce. The cheese saved the pizza as it was piled on thick with a nice bubbly, brown top. The bread sticks were twisted bits of crust dough baked and covered with a garlic/oil concoction. They were good, but could use more real flavor and less oil.

The one thing that changed my initial disappointment in Sahara Pizza was the filling factor of the pizza. Two slices of the medium pies were as filling as two large slices elsewhere. I'm sure it's due to the good amount of real cheese. We won't be quick to try Sahara again, but based on the large amount of gourmet pizzas on the menu, I would guess one toppings aren't their specialty.


Jennifer said...

This is a selfish plug, but if you mention a Post Falls area school when you order from Sahara a few dollars of your order are donated to that school.

Shinie said...
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Shinie said...

Thanks Jennifer! That's a good tip.

shleky said...

Wow, I've never been to the Sahara Pizza in post falls but the One in The Dalles Oregon is awsome. Great Pizza, lots of toppings, Fast delivery and the Cheese is soooo good. Maybe it's the owner or managment there that makes the difference.