Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Bzz: Hillshire Farms Entree Salad

I recently became a Bzz Agent. It means I get to try products for free in exchange for spreading the word about that product. It's a word-of-mouth advertising campaign in which I share my opinion, good or bad, with anyone who might be interested in the product.

My first product was the Hillshire Farms Entree Salads. I chose to try the Turkey and Ham Chef. The salad kits came with everything needed to make a meal, except the lettuce. I chose to go with the cheap bag of iceberg salad mix.
The Chef salad kit contained 1.25 ounces each of smoked turkey and ham, cheddar cheese, garlic croutons and ranch dressing. My first thought was how little food was contained in the bulky packaging.
Assembly was pretty quick and straightforward. I piled lettuce on the plate, then dumped on the toppings. A squeeze from the dressing packet and lunch was ready.
The salad tasted about how you would expect chopped up lunch meat on lettuce to taste. It was a step above a fast food or prepacked deli salad because I had control over what kind of lettuce to use. The Entree Salad would be a handy on-the-go or at work meal because there was no prep and it's easy to transport. I was disappointed that after the 400+ calorie meal, I was hungry again in less than three hours.
I'm not writing the Salads off yet. I definitely think they are worth trying, especially since Wal-Mart had them on sale for $1.50. I'll try some of the other varieties (Chicken Caesar, Chicken & Bacon Club or Turkey & Cranberries) and let you know the Bzz.


Anonymous said...

I just saw those things at the store today. How about the 35+ grams of fat in those things. Thought salads were supposed to be healthy.

Anonymous said...

The one with cranberries and turkey is fantastic - the dressing is fat free and out of this world.

Anonymous said...

not available at WalMart or Albertson's any more

Christie said...

Eating the Turkey Bacon Club now and it is splenderific. I really am a big fan. The low fat ranch that came with the kit is better than the full fat expensive stuff I had. For moms on the go out there, like me, this is a blessing! I just keep baby spinach in plastic baggies, grab a kit and go.


I love the salads, all varities. When I go to the grocery I buy all they have out. Now I am told they are being taken off the market. Why?????
The manager said they wer not selling. I can tell you one reason. They were pushed around behind thepackages of ham and turkey, etc. Only one store, Cannata's in houma, La put them where they could be seen-------in the vegetable section, beside the lettuce. Please market them again.

lisa said...

Spoke to a Rep at Srar Lee today. The marketing dept decided to only sell to wholesale stores (Costco and Sam's club), they weren't selling weel enough at the retail stores. Please call and complain 800 925 3326