Monday, February 12, 2007

King Kong

DD and I have fallen way behind on our movie viewing since Munchkin was born two years ago. We are either too tired, or can't dedicate enough time to pay attention and finish a movie in one sitting. Since Munchkin's attention span is expanding, we have recently started trying to include him in the movie watching. He likes the time he gets to spend with mom and dad, and we the opportunity to catch up on the movies.

I checked out King Kong at the library. I thought Munchkin would enjoy it because it has a giant monkey. Right before we popped it in the DVD play, DD noted it was rated PG13 for "some disturbing images." I didn't realize they would be a lot of extremely creepy, disturbing images. Although we distracted Munchkin during the first landing on skull island, he knew something was up. By the time King Kong made his debut, Munchkin was clutching me screaming in terror. It probably didn't help matters when I put my arms up and said, "AHHHHH."

Sufficient to say, Munchkin did make it to the end of the movie (I didn't realize it was 3 hours long). He spent a good amount of time snuggled against dad's shoulder terrified to look at the screen. Somehow I don't think he was overly scared, as he kept giving me little smirks and snuggling in closer. He also was strangely resistant to returning the movie to the library today. Oh well, you can't blame him for taking advantage of having daddy wrapped around his finger.

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Lesley said...

Wow, your wee one watched the whole thing!! I was creeped out by it in the movie theatre. Those creepy bugs and the scenes on top of the Empire State building...dizzying!! lol